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Welcome to Young People in Focus’s young fathers network microsite. This site was set up in 2007 with support from the (then) Teenage Pregnancy Unit (TPU) when we were called the Trust for the Study of Adolescence (TSA). There are still some references to that name on the site. Young People in Focus stopped its work in August 2011, but this site remains as it continues a lot of valuable information. It is no longer being updated.

The aim of the site is to support practitioners working with young fathers.

Microsite facts:

  • We receive over 900,000 ‘hits’ a year
  • An average of 2,000 different people visit the site each month

The site aims to:

  • contribute to mainstreaming good practice and innovative approaches to young fathers’ work across the UK.
  • help the majority of local areas to work with the partners of teenage/young mothers – through Children’s Centres, maternity services, and other community based children and young people’s services.

Where the information in the site comes from:

Each section of the site contains core text that is mainly drawn from YPF’s publication Supporting Young Fathers – Examples of Promising Practice (2007) written by Nigel Sherriff. The book features examples of interesting and innovative practice collected from a diverse selection of projects and services for young fathers. The people working with young fathers identified a number of key issues and this site is organised around those major themes.

YPF’s research has not ‘validated’ the practice of the projects. We therefore use the term ‘promising’ practice (rather than ‘good’ or ‘effective’) to reflect practitioners’ views on what appears to be ‘working’.

The site was regularly updated between 2008-2011 and contains additional material, notably further case studies of promising practice from across England.

Click here to download Supporting Young Fathers – Examples of Promising Practice from YPF’s main website

Young People in Focus (YPF) would like to thank Nigel Sherriff and Liz McDonnell for the case study research they carried out for this site, and also to Anna Ludwigsen for her article on the Family Nurse Partnership and young fathers. Many thanks also to Sarah Lee for her work in setting up the site, and to Andy Gooding of Wilson Design for updating it during 2009-2011. We would also like to thank staff at DCSF/DfE for their commitment to this work.

Above all we would like to thank the people from the wide range of organisations that talked to us about their work. The desire to share knowledge and to benefit others shone through the interviews.

Kevin Lowe, YPF Co-Director and original site moderator

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