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We know relatively little about young fathers compared with young mothers. But the situation is changing as the focus on fathers increases. Teenage Parents Next Steps: Guidance for Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts (DCSF & DH, 2007) includes a chapter on the Characteristics of Teenage Mothers and Young Fathers. It shows that for babies born to teenage mothers, about a quarter of young fathers are aged under 20, around a half are 20-25 and a further quarter aged over 25.

Young fathers share many of the characteristics of teenage mothers. They are more likely to live in deprived areas, to be unemployed and to be in receipt of benefits. Around a fifth of teenage fathers have never lived with their child compared with 6% of older fathers (DCSF & DH, 2007).

You can download more information in the reports section of this site including the research summary in Supporting Young Fathers: Examples of Promising Practice (Sherriff, 2007).

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