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Learning Points

  • Group work is delivered in a range of settings, over short and long time frames, and focuses on a broad range of issues relevant to young dads from labour to literacy. Ideally, group work is responsive to what a particular group of young dads needs at that time. Sometimes, group work is more structured focusing on designated material and other times practitioners prefer to see what emerges on any given day, making the most of learning opportunities as they arise. Other professionals may be invited to speak with young dads’ groups and this can enhance mutual understanding. Sometimes, group work simply involves dads enjoying a safe and fun place with their children.
  • Practitioners identified a number of strategies and skills that make group work more effective. These include: listening and responding to feedback; sensing the right moment to do active work; and being flexible and adaptable around the content of group work. Making activities fun, relevant and hands-on, suits young dads’ learning preferences. Agreeing group rules around issues like confidentiality, respect for self and others helps to create and maintain positive environments.
  • Group-work can add value to interventions with young dads as it allows for the possibility of peer - modelling, support and learning. These possibilities can be facilitated through formally identifying and training selected young fathers but can also emerge naturally through everyday group processes as young fathers spend time together. Importantly, group work provides opportunities for young dads to hear answers to questions they hadn’t thought of or were to shy to ask.

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