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  • Is group work the best approach for your target group at this point in time?
  • Have you checked with young dads what kinds of issues they want to cover and how?
  • How can you make your groups dad-friendly eg times, places, types of activities offered?
  • How can you make your groups child-friendly if dads want children involved?
  • How does group work fit and enhance other types of engagement with young dads in your area?
  • How often do you review the way you do group work?
  • Have you done the necessary outreach to recruit young fathers to group work?
  • Could the group run without you?

Tips from practitioners

  • Young dads need to be involved in all parenting programs and services offered and not just in young dad’s groups.
  • Having another worker around during group work is helpful if someone becomes disruptive.
  • Group work is not appropriate for all young dads and people’s choices not to engage should be respected.
  • Offering food to young dads can be a real incentive to attend.
  • Sometimes there are not enough interested dads to run a group but this situation can change very quickly.
  • Having a childcare or Early Years worker present and/or available during group work means that dads can access another person for specialist information or reassurance.
  • Make sure the topics and issues covered in group work are relevant to young dads by asking them.

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