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'I still get the sense that there is a notion that the first step to engaging young dads is "to set up a group". This assumption needs to be challenged.'

Key questions:
  • Which mode of delivery (individual, group, or mixed) will best suit your client group?
  • What training needs does this choice of delivery present for workers?
  • What barriers may prevent the successful use of group work (e.g. time, space, venue, aims of the group etc.)? How will you overcome these?
  • What are the financial implications for delivering young fathers support through one-to-one, group, or mixed approaches?

Top tip:

Young People and Peer Support: How to set up a peer support programme by Marilyn McGowan, TSA.

This manual by Marilyn McGowan gives practical advice and guidance on how to set up a peer support programme. Although not aimed specifically at young fathers, it describes how to set up a support infrastructure, allocate roles and responsibilities, recruit and train young people, promote the scheme, and evaluate progress. With a specific focus on the school context, the manual may be particularly suitable for those wanting to set-up peer support through Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) programmes.

The manual is available from TSA publications.

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