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Learning Points

  • Young fathers come to engage in one-to-one work mainly through professional referrals but also self refer. One-to-one work covers a broad and eclectic range of issues and topics that change over time including around: school; work; benefits; housing; pre/post natal issues; childbirth; child development; basic skills eg literacy; and gaining access to children. Mostly, one-to-one work is conducted in an open ended way with the possibility of multiple contacts. It is delivered in a range of locations such as dads’ homes, at school, in Children’s Centres or in other programs for young people.
  • The essence of one-to-one work is the building of positive, trusting and supportive relationships with young fathers. This is often against a backdrop of social exclusion, negative experiences with services and difficulties around an early transition to parenthood. Workers aim to develop relationships that are respectful and fair as well as informal and very flexible. Young dads need workers to be reliable, consistent, informed, positive and honest about who they are and what they can do. A good relationship becomes the springboard from which practitioners can work in a range of ways to address support needs and develop young dad’s potential as fathers and as young men.
  • Although resource-intensive, one-to-one work provides the potential of support and personal development to young dads on an individual basis. This can have direct and positive outcomes for their children as young dads increase in confidence, self esteem and gain new skills. This is particularly important for harder to reach young dads who will only engage on a one-to-one basis. Creating safe spaces for young men to ask questions about parenting; to express their vulnerabilities and concerns; and to fulfil their aspirations as fathers is extremely valuable.

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