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What does the young dad want from you and can you deliver this?

Is it possible to develop a peer support group or other group alongside your one-to-one work to develop relationships between young dads?

What are your own values/ideas around parenting and what are your strategies for dealing with confronting/challenging material?

When would you need to refer a young dad on eg to a counsellor?

What are you prepared to share with the young dad about your own experiences eg as a father, son?

How do you want to work with a young dad eg as a role model, peer, coach?

How can you make your resources easy to understand and accessible?

How are you going to demonstrate to a young dad that you understand/appreciate where he is coming from?

Tips from practitioners

  • Always have something extra in your bag that you can offer eg free condoms
  • Be well-prepared for every contact and expect follow up tasks in between
  • Be on top of referral information and always have a possible plan of action although this might change
  • Research dad-friendly resources and encourage dads to own these
  • Make sure you get supervision as it can be very intensive work
  • Look for peer support and mentors within the fatherhood industry
  • Be patient and reliable even though young dads might not turn up to sessions or follow through on agreements
  • Respect young fathers and show them that you are trying your best to get a good service for them
  • Stress how important fathers are in their childrens’ lives
  • Translate things into blokeness!

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